bronco skis

I’ve been told that Byron Katie says, you could have anything in life you want if you are willing to ask 1,000 people for it. I haven’t yet heard of this not being true for anyone. I decided to test it out. What I wanted was to get a pair of skis signed. Might seem like a waste of an ask for some, maybe not a big enough ask for others. It simply was something I wanted so I went for it. A little background on the skis first. I was gifted a pair of Nordica Denver Bronco skis from my brother. These skis were one of only five pairs, so a HUGE deal. Being the ginormous Denver Bronco fan that I am, these quickly became my most prized possession. I thought to myself, how sweet would it be to have Pat Bowlen, Payton Manning, and John Elway autograph them. Pretty frickin sweet!!

I set out to see if I could make it happen. It took 14 asks. The fourteenth person said he could absolutely make it happen. I gave him one of the skis and after a few mishaps and two years later I had the skis back with all three signatures. I could have spent years wishing, hoping, and praying for them to get signed. But by simply asking, it happened. Now, with Pat Bowlen no longer giving signatures and Payton Manning retired it makes the signatures that much sweeter. All it took was asking.

There are plenty things I’ve wanted in my life and didn’t get. But you know what? I never asked. There were men I wanted to date, but never asked. There were times I was desperate for a friend, but never asked. Other times I desperately needed help, but was too afraid to ask. All of these times I didn’t get what I desired because I wasn’t willing to ask. What have you been afraid to ask for in your life? What has it cost you?

I recently had a more profound experience with asking. After a routine physical earlier this year, a few tests came back abnormal. I was told I needed further diagnostic testing. I scheduled the appointment, and while nervous about my health, I didn’t think much more about the tests. A few days before my appointment, the hospital called and informed me of my benefits. The entire amount would be applied to by gigundous deductible. My heart sank. I felt like I was going to cry and throw up all at the same time. I took a breath and simply stated, “I don’t have that money.” I was choking back the tears as I spoke to the woman on the phone. “Well, you can set up a payment plan” she suggested. I almost laughed. If she only knew just how unaffordable this was for me at this moment in my life. “I’m going to need to cancel my appointment,” I chocked. “Okay, good luck,” she cheerfully hung up.

I set down the phone, put my head down on my desk, and sobbed. I was scared. For the first time in my life I felt the fear of not being able to take care of myself. I was terrified I may have cancer. I thought about the abnormal tests and what they meant. I felt defeated, embarrassed, and mostly scared. What was I going to do? I didn’t have the money. I debated about just not getting the test done at all. Maybe I’ll just see what happens, I thought.

I worried about it all night. The next morning I called my friend. I told her what happened and she suggested I call around to other facilities and see if the tests were cheaper anywhere else. What a great idea! I hadn’t thought about that. I started making calls and asking. Very quickly I realized these tests were A LOT cheaper at other hospitals. I kept asking. The more I asked the more inspired I was to keep asking. I called the American Cancer Society and asked if there were any other options. I was shocked at the answer! There were multiple ways for me to get these tests covered. I kept asking and after about 10 phone calls I had found a way to have the tests paid in full.

A few weeks later, after a series of diagnostic tests and ultrasounds I had a clean bill of health. There was no sign of cancer. I learned a lot in this experience. I learned how important my health is to me. I learned deep gratitude for my body. I learned the power of asking. By picking up the phone and asking for help I moved out of the paralysis of fear and worry into action. Spirit meets you at the point of action. Once I started asking, I had more than enough help with many angels along the way.

With my Bronco skis I learned asking can be fun. With my medical journey, I learned asking can be life saving. I suffered for many years with depression and suicidal thoughts before having the courage to ask for help. I had thought asking for help was a sign of weakness. The only thing not asking did for me was keep me suffering and stuck. I now know that asking for help is courageous and a sign of tremendous strength. I am awed at the individuals I meet everyday, in profound pain, with the courage to ask for help. I love the willingness, vulnerability, and courage in it.

What would you love to have in your life? What would you need to ask for to get it? What assistance could change everything for you? Perhaps save a marriage, a relationship, or a life.

I’m asking you, ask for what you want. The power of asking makes anything possible.