"So, what do you do?" I often get this question, and no matter how many times I'm asked, it's always is a bit challenging to answer. What is coaching? This is a great question, and I'm sure every coach would answer it differently. For me, I can answer the question in one of two ways.

Molly Fiore Coaching

First, I can describe some of the results my clients have experienced through working with me:

  • Creating a loving marriage after infidelity and broken trust.
  • Creating an exciting career in health and wellness after a long period of lack of purpose and uncertainty in career direction.
  • Experiencing peace, joy, and excitement after 30 years of putting everyone else first.
  • Creating partnership and a loving home after experiencing lack of attraction and passion with spouse.
  • Transitioning out of an unhealthy marriage with ease, grace, peace, and confidence.
  • Creating what is next after the sudden loss of a spouse.
  • Creating joy and excitement in retirement and discovering what is next.
  • Healing after a loved one took his life.
  • Experiencing more and love and joy in life.
  • Living well with depression and thoughts of suicide.

I can also answer the question by the results I have experienced in working with coaches:

  • Published a book.
  • Ran a half marathon.
  • Healing childhood trauma.
  • Creating a success coaching practice and speaking business.
  • Designed a life skills curriculum for high school students.
  • Let go of a lifetime pattern of co-dependent relationships.
  • Started giving back through volunteering with local suicide prevention coalitions.
  • Greater peace, self-acceptance, self-love, and compassion in my life.

I help individuals feeling stuck with:

  • Marriage
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Thoughts of Suicide
  • Anxiety/ Depression
  • Life Purpose
  • Life Transitions

I help individuals transitioning:

  • From Middle school to High School
  • From High School to College
  • From living at home to living on his or her own
  • In careers
  • In a relationship
  • Into retirement

What Clients Have Said:

I met Molly not long after I relocated to the Valley after making a big life change, in part, as a result of my husband passing away. I was 52 years old with no children, no family around, and no job. I wanted to take my time and not jump into something to "do," which was hard because "doing" was all I knew. I wanted to figure out who I was and what I wanted. Molly was amazing at helping me to trust myself and just "be". With her help, I was able to tune into my inner voice about what lit me up and to follow those things. I had a lot of resistance and fear that had kept me from acknowledging what I truly wanted. I found the work she had me do gave me a lot of insight and courage to take each step in building my new life - a life about which I feel great joy and pride.

I worked with Molly when I was first starting my coaching practice, and the tools and feedback that I received from her during my session were invaluable for my own personal growth and the growth of my business. Her feedback to me was authentic, insightful, loving and direct and it resonated with me in such a deep way. I created instant change after my session with her and have been applying the work that we did together into my life on a daily basis. Molly is an excellent coach and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation!

Working with Molly was one of the most empowering experiences of my adult life. She has helped me on all levels. Molly has given me the tools to improve my physical world, to create harmony in my mental and emotional states, and depth in my spiritual life. With her coaching, I have been able to talk and work through difficult life circumstances and relationships. I always feel supported, and never judged. I have been able to move forward in my life, and have since realized some important career and life goals. Molly is a wonderful, astute observer, and an excellent life coach!


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