Super Class: What's rarely taught in school yet what you really need to know

A manual for those feeling stressed, anxious, bored, depressed, hopeless, burned out, angry, sad, desperate, lonely, freaked out, disappointed, or scared...

To Realize You're the Hero You've Been Waiting For!

12 Week Curriculum

Lesson One
The Heart of the Matter: What am I Dealing With and What is My Greatest Distress?
Lesson Two
Owner Victim Distinctions: Climbing the Ladder of Consciousness
Lesson Three
Choice and Personal Responsibility: Steps to Issue Resolution
Lesson Four
Lesson Five
Communication: A New Model
Lesson Six
The DNA of Success: Intentions, Values, Qualities, and Affirmations
Lesson Seven
Bullying: A Ripple of Change
Lesson Eight
Suicide Prevention: Saving a Life
Lesson Nine
Mindfulness: Managing Stress and Anxiety
Lesson Ten
Mastering Time: Working Smarter Not Harder
Lesson Eleven
Goals: Getting what it is YOU Say You Want
Lesson Twelve
Barriers: What Gets in the Way?

Curriculum Includes:

  • Student Workbooks
  • Teacher Guide
  • Lesson Plan for Each Lesson
  • PowerPoint Presentation for Each Lesson