Opting In

Opting In Book CoverIf you've ever thought about ending your life, you're not the only one. Opting In is Molly Fiore's story of breaking through the darkness of complete despair to find herself and a new version of life that was awaiting her. A year before writing this book, Molly came frighteningly close to committing suicide. Death seemed the only answer, the only escape. She felt that no one understood her struggle or her pain. No one got it. But in that dark hour, Molly made a different choice: to get busy living. Her searingly honest and inspiring story leaps off the page to offer hope and guidance to anyone who wrestles with similar issues. By finding the courage to face herself, her past, and her present behaviors, Molly was able to accept the kind guidance of mentors and coaches in order to reach deep within to find and begin to show her authentic self. Her childhood, young adulthood, emotional life, and marriage all slowly turned themselves inside out as she began to learn about and accept who she really was. By confronting the secrets that kept her a victim of her own life, Molly found the doorway to fulfillment and joy she could not have imagined. Follow Molly on her courageous adventure, her journey within - and start to believe that with bravery and honesty, all things are possible.


"In my view there is liberation in truth. Opting In is a book about getting free. This is the most honest book I have ever read. Read it and opt in to personal freedom."

Stephen McGhee, author of Climb to Freedom: 7 Men's Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary

5.0 out of 5 stars: Courage and creativity. An inspirational self-help story for women who are misunderstood, isolated or living in fear to find empowerment, courage, confidence and self love. This book was impossible to put down once I started it. It reads like a popular bestseller, but the message is deeper and more profound. Molly Fiore writes with creativity and courage... it is a very rare combination that someone with a heartrending story of fearless recovery from despair can write with such grace and dramatic pacing. I await the movie. Don't miss this book.

Stephen Chandler

This is the most raw, honest, soul-revealing book I have ever read. It?s an absolute page-turner. Not only that, it is a brilliant demonstration of how quickly and radically life improves when you see things differently. I highly recommend reading it.

Tim Chaney, author of How Much Freedom Can You Stand?

5.0 out of 5 stars: A great read, couldn't put it down! An inspirational self-help story for women who are misunderstood, isolated or living in fear to find empowerment, courage, confidence and self love. This is an amazing book of courage, honesty, and the strength of the human spirit. It details the journey Ms. Fiore makes from the lowest depths of despair to the the highest highs. It is very inspiring and honest, refreshing and a great read. I read this on a plane flight, and completely ignored everyone around me as I was swept into her story. I sobbed openly while reading about her journey, but was compelled to keep reading; I just couldn't put the book down! As someone who has 'been there' it was an accurate account of how it is like to go through depression, and an uplifting tale of how she got out. And it wasn't a sugar-coated story, it told of her journey and the ups and downs along the way.

If you are looking for a great true story of how someone overcame hard times and triumphed, or just a good read, this is the book for you.

T. Torst

Opting In Reviewed By Karen Dahood of Bookpleasures.com